Stony Brook University campus

Stony Brook area

Central Long Island


Stony Brook is close to three airports: JFK and LaGuardia in New York City (about 90 minutes away), and Long Island MacArthur in Islip (about 30
minutes away).



If you're renting a car, look for signs to the Cross Island Parkway going east. After a few miles, take the exit for the Southern State Parkway (Eastern Long Island). Go on that for about 30 miles till you get to the Sagtikos Parkway, where you will go north to the Long Island Expressway (495) going east (towards Riverhead). Now see directions from the LIE below.


If you're renting a car, go south on the Grand Central Parkway for two or three miles until you get to the exit to go east on I-495, the Long Island Expressway (Long Island). Now see directions from the LIE below.


As you leave the airport, turn left to go east on Veteran's Highway (454). In a few miles you will merge with the Sunrise Highway, and just after that you will exit right to go north on Nicolls Road (#97) to Stony Brook. Now see directions from the LIE below.

From the Long Island Expressway (LIE; 495)

Exits are numbered sequentially, increasing in number as you go east. To get to the University, go north on exit 62 (Nicolls Road to Stony Brook; also known as #97). In about seven miles, you will cross Nesconset Highway (#347). The university is about two miles farther north, on the left or west side of the road. There are three entrances, two are shown on the map.

Parking on campus

There will be parking for conference attendees in the large SAC Parking Lot (yellow color on the map) southwest of the math-physics building (not the smaller one directly southwest of the Math Tower). The normally metered section of this large parking lot is on the northern side, adjacent to a narrow strip of forest that separates it from the smaller parking lot near the math-physics building. For the conference the parking is free. Parking around campus is restricted to permit holders (parking lots are marked with signs) and is strictly enforced. There is also a garage (Administration) near the main entrance that charges a per-hour fee. Conference participants will be issued a temporary parking permit that will allow for parking only in the designated lot near the Student Activities Center (yellow color on the map).

Directions from campus to DANFORDS on the Sound hotel

Exit to Nicolls Road and continue north till the end (close to the Northern Exit from campus). Turn right on 25A east and go for 5-10 min. In Port Jefferson follow straight on blinking red light to E.Broadway. Danfords is immediately on the left next to the ferry.


JFK or LaGuardia

If you're not renting a car at the airport, your best bet is to call a few days in advance and arrange for a ride with an airport limo company, which will charge about $40 (more if late at night; the driver will expect a 10-20% tip). The drivers usually carry a sign with your name and meet you where you pick up your luggage or just outside of customs. Some options: Spartan (631-928-5454), Lindy's (631-265-2500), Winston (631-924-1200), Classic (631-567-5100), Travellers Transport (631-751-6633). If you are an invited speaker, you can ask Pamela Wolfskill (tel: 631-632-8357, e-mail: to make the arrangements for you.


Look for a taxi as you leave the airport building. Ask for the cost to Stony Brook (or look on the taxi fare board by exit door from the airport) before you get in. Some companies charge about $20; some charge more than $40! You can also call Winston as noted above in the directions for JFK and LaGuardia.


In New York City, go to Pennsylvania Station at 7th Avenue and 33rd Street (which is where Amtrack trains arrive). Go to the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) area which is farther down in the bowels of the station, and purchase your ticket to Stony Brook. Take the train to the Port Jefferson station. You may have to change trains in Jamaica (a neighborhood of Queens, about 15 minutes from Pennsylvania Station) or Huntington (about an hour from Pennsylvania Station). The diesel train will either be across the platform or will pull up to the same location. The station before Stony Brook is St. James. At Stony Brook, the university is directly to the south, on the other side of some athletic fields (the train station is shown on the north end of the map).

You can find out more about New York City transit connections from the Metropolitan Transit Authority WWW site. You can go straight to Long Island Railroad routes, schedules, fares, etc., from the LIRR section of this site.


You can take a ferry from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Port Jefferson (Port Jefferson phone 631-473-0286, Bridgeport phone 203-367-3043), or from New London, Connecticut to Orient Point (Orient Point phone 631-323-2525, New London phone 860-443-5281). Port Jefferson is about eight miles from the university, and Orient Point is about 40 miles or so to the east. In either case, go west on Route 25A through Setauket, and then turn south (left) on Nicolls Road (#97) and the university will be there on your right. You can also take a taxi from Port Jefferson for a bit less than $10.