THURSDAY, October 23

   7:30 Continental breakfast
   8:25 Welcome - Organizers
Session chair: Sternberg
   8:35 Wodak, Intertwined association in homo-oligomeric proteins
   9:00 Bonvin, Integrative modeling of biomolecular complexes
   9:25 Vajda, Teaching new tricks to the old FFT
   9:50 Moult, 10 CASP experiments: Successes, bottlenecks, and
                            challenges in protein structure modeling
  10:15 Coffee break
Session chair: Nussinov
  10:45 Weng, Protein docking and design
  11:10 Dunbrack, TBA
  11:35 Vakser, Modeling of model-model complexes
  12:00 Lunch
Session chair: Dunbrack
   1:30 Elber, Using Molecular Dynamics to rescore predicted
                            protein complexes
   1:55 Brooks, B., Recent advances in free energy methods: NBB,
                                    Constraints, QM/MM, pH, 2D-REM
   2:20 Im, Bacterial outer membranes and interactions with
                      membrane proteins
   2:45 Coffee break
Session chair: Zhou
   3:15 Lichtarge, Evolution and disease: The calculus of life
   3:40 Grishin, Classification of protein domains focusing on
                               protein complexes
   4:05 Slusky, Charge asymmetry in proteins of the outer membrane
   4:30 Free time, dinner on your own
Poster session
   8:00 - 10:00 Poster presentations, open bar

FRIDAY, October 24

   7:30 Continental breakfast
Session chair: Kuhlman
   8:35 Nussinov, The structural basis for signaling in cancer
                                  and inflammation
   9:00 Sternberg, Disease variants and the Interactome
   9:25 Jernigan, Computing free energies for coarse-grained
   9:50 Liang, Quantifying biological landscapes at multiscale:
                            Membrane proteins, chromosome folding, and
                            stochastic networks
  10:15 Coffee break
Session chair: Liang
  10:45 Olson, Modeling the biological mesoscale with
  11:10 Levy, Promiscuous protein interactions - a burden for the cell
                          and a tool for the biologist
  11:35 Kozakov, Faster and better docking with manifolds and
                                 encounter complexes
  12:00 Lunch
Session chair: Camacho
   1:30 Zhou, The nonrandom nature of weak interactions between
                            proteins and bystander macromolecules in cellular
   1:55 Feig, Structural and functional implications of non-specific
                          protein interactions in cellular environments
   2:20 Kortemme, Design of protein interactions with modified
                                    and new functions
   2:45 Coffee break
Session chair: Olson
   3:15 Schueler-Furman, Putting interactions into their proper context
   3:40 Deeds, The evolution of crosstalk in signaling networks
   4:05 Ray, Structured cellular populations emerging from enzyme-
                          metabolite interactions
   4:30 DISCUSSION, Modeling the Cell
   6:30 Reception and 7:00 - 9:00 Dinner at Eldridge

SATURDAY, October 25

   7:30 Continental breakfast
Session chair: Ma
   8:35 Aloy, Structural systems pharmacology: The role of 3D
                          structures in next generation drug development
   9:00 Brooks, C., Mapping protein-protein interfaces in search of
                              novel protein-based inhibitor leads
   9:25 Camacho, One-click drug discovery solutions among 50 million
                                  compounds for preview and download
   9:50 Karanicolas, Small-molecule inhibitors of protein-protein
  10:15 Coffee break
Session chair: Brooks, C.
  10:45 Ma, Enhanced sampling and its application in structural
  11:10 Kuhlman, Structure-based design of bispecific antibodies
  11:35 Godzik, Cancer in 3D - understanding cancer mutations with
                              structure and network modeling
  12:00 Lunch
Session chair: Feig
   1:30 Xu, Joint evolutionary coupling analysis for residue-residue
                        contact prediction
   1:55 Elofsson, Improved contact predictions using the recognition
                                of protein like contact patterns
   2:20 Yeates, TBA
   2:45 Coffee break
Session chair: Grishin
   3:15 Bates, A flexible approach to the study of binding funnels
   3:40 Mitchell, Using orthologs to improve signal-to-noise in scoring
                                near-native docking predictions
   4:05 Kundrotas, Choosing the right one: Post-processing of initial
                                    docking models
   4:30 Concluding remarks - Vakser, Vajda